I was looking for more room for my family….well actually myself, so I could have the home office I always wanted. Cost and time were always the factors that stopped me moving ahead and doing something about it.

First of all I spent a lot of time looking at houses around the area and seeing if I could “move up the ladder” so to speak. I wanted more space than I already had. A bedroom for each of my four children and 2 lounges, so as the children grew older, my wife and I could retire to our snug and watch the programs on television that we wanted to watch. All of this takes space, but more importantly I needed office space, so I could work from home when I needed and in the knowledge I would be away from the children’s interruptions and noise.

Then I spoke with some friends who had a similar issue. They had an office upstairs but with the imminent arrival of a new child, they were about to lose it to become a nursery. They decided to have a loft conversion and convert their loft into a nursery, giving them the flexibility to later transfer it to either an office or a child’s bedroom.

When I asked the all important question of how much it cost, the answer helped me make the decision. I should be investigating a loft conversion instead of moving. The cost was considerably less than the stamp duty I would have to pay on the move.

The fact is, I like my house, I like my neighbours and where my house is situated. The area is ideal for me and my family. So, did I really want to move? No, not if I could avoid it.

So I looked into loft conversions. What was possible, what types of lofts and what local company would build a quality loft conversion and help me understand what I could and more importantly could not do. That’s when I met Paul and Liza from Northern Heights Loft Conversions Ltd.

to be continued…..