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Case Studies

Northern Heights are the leading loft conversion specialists in West Sussex.

With over 25 years of experience, completing over 50 loft conversions a year of various types, designs and specifications, we know exactly how to convert your loft in order to add significant value to your property.

Here are a few case studies of loft conversions in West Sussex we are rightly proud of and hope they give you some ideas for your own loft conversion to your property. For more advice and help please call us on 01403 865524 or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Semin Detached Bungalow Loft Conversion Brighton

Case Study 1

Bungalow conversion Rusper

Case Study 2

Double-Velux Detached Property Brighton

Case Study 3

Detached House Loft Conversion Horsham

Case Study 4

Loft Conversion Burgess Hill

Case Study 5

Loft Conversion Rebuild Haywards Heath

Case Study 6

Loft Conversion to Horsham Bungalow

Case Study 7

Detached House Loft Conversion Billingshurst

Case Study 8

Velux Conversion Smallfield

Case Study 9

Loft Conversions West sussex Attic room 1

Case Study 10












Case Study 1

Loft Conversion to a Semi Detached Bungalow in Brighton.

We did a hip to gable extension with a full width rear dormer to maximise the full potential of the loft with 2 Velux windows to the front.

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-1-Front-Before Northern-Heights-Case-Study-1-Front-After

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-1-Back-Before Northern-Heights-Case-Study-1-Back-After

When the home owners realised that space was dwindling in their bungalow, they turned their attention to the loft. Expanding on the available space, we created a spacious, modern bedroom with French doors and a glass Juliet balcony, with another room being used as an office which doubles as a guest room along with a spacious shower room. We fitted a gable window along with 2 Velux windows to maximise the light to both bedrooms.

With this design and loft conversion we provided the valuable extra living space they were looking for.

Case Study 2

Loft Conversion to a Detached Bungalow in Rusper

Hip to Gable with a Three Dormer conversion at the rear.

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-2---Front-Inside Northern-Heights-Case-Study-2---Front-Outside

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-2---Staircase-inside Northern-Heights-Case-Study-2---Back-Outside

Meeting the Regulations – Old for New.

This customer already had a loft conversion to their property but it did not comply with building regulations. We were asked to design and build one that met their needs and was compliant. The old loft conversion on this Rusper bungalow was stripped out first so we could build the new loft conversion with a front hip to gable and 3 rear dormers creating 2 bedrooms with a bathroom.

Case Study 3

Loft Conversion to a Detached Property in Brighton

Two Side Dormers conversion.

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-3---Double-Velux Northern-Heights-Case-Study-3---Cinema-Seating

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-3---Surround-Sound Northern-Heights-Case-Study-3---Sound-and-Vision

Sound and Vision.

Just because you have enough living and sleeping accommodation in your home, it doesn’t mean your loft space isn’t of value.

Northern Heights Loft Conversions helped create a lifelong dream for this customer to have a dedicated Home Cinema built in his loft. Both the customer and the Northern Heights Loft Team worked very closely together to ensure a perfect finish.

By having two side Dormers built in the loft, his dream became a reality.

Case Study 4

Loft Conversion to a Semi Detached Property in Horsham

Rear Dormer conversion with Velux windows at the front

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-4---Front-Before Northern-Heights-Case-Study-4---Front-After

Northern-Heights-Case-Study-4---Back-Before Northern-Heights-Case-Study-4---Back-After

Working with space.

Whilst working from home suited this family, perfectly. The piles of paperwork, folders etc on the kitchen table, didn’t!

After exploring their options and choosing to convert their loft, Northern Heights Loft Conversions created a large, airy working space up in the loft. This meant the family also gained an extra bedroom with an ensuite shower room for visiting friends and family.

This loft space was maximised by a rear Dormer and Velux windows to the front of the property.

Case Study 5

Loft Conversion to a Bungalow in Burgess Hill

Hip to Gable with a Full Dormer conversion at the rear.

Northern-Height-Case-Study-5---Burgess-hill-1 Northern-Height-Case-Study-5---Burgess-hill-2

Northern-Height-Case-Study-5---Burgess-hill-3 Northern-Height-Case-Study-5---Burgess-hill-4

Valuable space required.

Many bungalows have a generous roof height which generally makes them good candidates for a Loft Conversion.  This example was built by Northern Heights Loft Conversions, in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

This customer used the valuable space in her loft to enable her to remain in her own home and continue with independent living. The Loft was converted into two bedrooms and a bathroom, which enabled her son and daughter in-law to move in and for each of them to still have their own space. The Loft Conversion was a Hip to Gable with a full rear Dormer.

Case Study 6

Loft Conversion rebuilt in Haywards Heath

Meeting Building Regulations

Northern Heights Loft Conversions in Haywards Heath Before 1 Northern Heights Loft Conversions in Haywards Heath After 1

Northern Heights Loft Conversions in Haywards Heath Before 3 Northern Heights Loft Conversions in Haywards Heath After 4

Wasn’t up to standard.

Mr and Mrs Pond bought a property with an existing loft conversion that was unsightly and didn’t meet with current building regulations.

The roof was reconfigured taking away the unsightly box Dormer and replaced with a Hip to Gable and a rear Dormer. This enabled us to re-site the stairs to the loft over the existing stairs giving the family back two large bedrooms.

Case Study 7

Loft Conversion – Horsham Bungalow

Dormer Conversion to the Front and  a Full Dormer conversion at the rear.

Bungalow Loft Conversion Horsham Bungalow Loft Conversion Horsham

Bungalow Loft Conversion Horsham Bungalow Loft Conversion Horsham

Remodelling to realise a Bungalows potential.

Mr and Mrs Coomber wanted to remodel their bungalow to increase its value as an investment for their retirement.

By putting two sympathetic pitched dormers to the front of the property and a full width rear dormer they were able to achieve a master bedroom with en-suite and dressing room plus two further bedrooms and a bathroom.

The addition of the loft conversion fully realising this Horsham property’s potential.

Case Study 8

Garage Loft Conversion – Loxwood / Billingshurst

Dormer Conversion to the Garage and  a Full Dormer conversion at the rear.

Loft Conversion to a Garage in Loxwood Garage Loft Conversion in Billingshurst

Loxwood Loft Conversion Full Dormer Full Dormer Loft Conversion Billingshurst

Extending the usability of a garage.

Mr and Mrs Ferriman wanted to extend their property to accommodate their daughter and granddaughter moving back in.

They extended the property  in Loxwood with a full width dormer at the rear of the main building and a conversion over the garage. This outcome was a further two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The addition of the loft conversions fully enhancing this Billingshurst property’s potential and value.

Case Study 9

Velux Loft Conversion – Smallfield / Pulborough

Velux Conversion to front and rear.

Smallfield-Velux-Loft-Conversion Smallfield-En-Suite-Loft-Conversion


Extending to start a family.

This young couple wanted to start a family but didn’t want to move from their much loved home as it was so well positioned for work and future schools.

They had a Velux conversion which gained them a master bedroom to the property with a walk in wardrobe and a en-suite bathroom.

Case Study 10

A large Velux Loft Conversion – Alfold

A large Velux and Dormer Conversion to rear of property.

Loft Conversion in Alfold Alfold Loft Conversion

A large Loft Conversion by Northern Heights Lofts Loft Conversions West sussex Attic room 1

Extending for more space.

This is the third loft conversion Northern Heights have done on this property, two to he main building here and one to the barn. The outside images are before the second conversion was made, showing dormers on the right side of the building. The third loft conversion is mainly to the rear of the building. If you line up the flue with the internal images and the ones from outside, you get a better indication of the size of the latest conversion. Outside images of the changes will be posted soon.

This was a large loft conversion incorporating velux windows and dormer windows.