Radiators, electrical points and access panels are not shown on my plans?
Radiators, electrical points and access panels are to be positioned on site, allowing you to position these once you have access to the loft.

My plans show no dimensions to individual rooms, only the overall size.
Internal walls may move slightly on site i.e. size of the bathroom.

Written specification on the drawing refers to Dormer, I am only having a Velux™ conversion.
The specification document covers different types of conversions and does state which type of conversion refers to your property.

It states on the plans that a wall is to be moved for stairs, how much?
The drawing always shows worst case and on site we will keep any wall movement to a minimum.

Can I have natural wood panel fire doors?
No, all our panel fire doors are made of pressed material.

How long does the work take?
All conversions vary due to the different type of work however, as a guide we would estimate that the work will take 6-8 weeks. A Dormer conversion will typically take a week to 10 days longer than a Velux™ conversion.

What is the starting price?
As a rough guide a Dormer conversion can start at £26,000 and a Velux™ conversion at £18,000, however prices can vary due to the size of the
conversion and complexity.

Can you convert modern truss rafter lofts?
Yes, over 50% of our conversions have trussed roofs.

Will I need planning?
Please see our guide on planning.

Will I receive a guarantee on my conversion?
Yes, all our conversions carry a 5 year guarantee for labour and materials.

What is the minimum height that is needed to convert my loft?
2.4m (8ft)

How is the rubble and waste disposed off?
Via a skip, the cost of which will be included in your contract.

What about the water tanks in the loft?
Plumbers are able to move your water tanks, and if need be install new ones.

What will happen to my existing loft hatch?
The existing loft hatch will be blocked off, made secure and plastered.

Will steel work be required in my conversion even though it is only a Velux™ conversion?
In most cases yes.

Who will liaise with the necessary government bodies?
We will do all that on your behalf.

Are you experienced in loft conversions?
Yes, we have over 30 years experience as a company.

What insurance do you have to carry out the work on my property?
Both the company and our tradesmen have public liability insurance.

Who supervises the work?
We have a qualified supervisor who visits each site during the conversion.

Can I see some completed conversions?
Yes, please get in touch for more information.

Do you carry out conversions anywhere in the UK?
Most of our conversions are carried out in the South of England.

What should I do next?
Call the phone number 01403 613015, our sales advisers will guide through the next stage and arrange for one of our sales designers to visit the property you wish to convert.

What will the sales designer do during the appointment?
The appointment will take approximately 1 hour, during that time he/she will spend time discussing with you your requirements, offer advise and answer any questions you may have. The surveyor will measure your loft area and therefore being able to advise you as to the estimated size of your conversion.

Are there different types of Loft Conversions?
Yes. Converting the area already available in your loft is called a ‘rooflight’ or ‘Velux™’ conversion. a conversion with an extension to the roof is called a ‘Dormer’ conversion. more elaborate conversions are available such as ‘Mansard’ or ‘Double Mansard’ creating much more space. From the smallest to the largest, West Sussex Lofts Ltd have the answer.

Can all lofts be converted?
No. It is not feasible or practical to convert some lofts. Providing the necessary height in your loft is available which is not less than 2.4m (8ft). I have a new home with a trussed roof.

I have a new home with a trussed roof, can West Sussex Lofts convert it?
Yes over 50% of our customers have trussed roofs.

Do I need building plans for my loft conversion?
Yes. If your conversion is for habitable accommodation then it needs to be planned professionally to ensure it confirms to stringent building regulations. Here at West Sussex Lofts Ltd, we have our own drawing office where our technical draughtsman will produce your plans to the highest standards and specifications.

How much will my loft conversion cost?
Each conversion is individual to your property and requirements, the cost will vary accordingly. West Sussex Lofts Ltd has the experience of completing literally thousands of conversions. This experience allows us to accurately cost your conversion. Our surveyor will be able to quote for the work you require.

What do I need to do next?
Your next move is to have a no-obligation feasibility study to determine the most efficient way of carrying our your loft conversion. Contact us on 01403 613015.

My house is timber framed can you convert the loft?
Yes we do undertake this type of conversion, however it will need specialist engineer calculations and drawings